THE OBSERver effect

Watch Lakmaier live as she puts herself in the public eye for 4 weeks to repeat the obsessive, repetitive process that led to her seminal piece Experiment in Happiness in 2008 - meticulously painting hundreds of pairs of shoes with road-marking paint.  

You can watch The Observer Effect live here from the 19th of November 2012 and sponsor Lakmaier through
all your donations will be used by Shape to further the work of disabled artists, so please give generously! Thank you!

While the process in The Observer Effect will be almost identical to that which lead to Experiment in Happiness; Lakmaier will sit at a desk and one-by-one paint the shoes in blue road-marking paint (internationally the primary use of blue road-marking paint is to paint disabled badge holders parking bays) and over time fill the space with hundreds of painted shoes. However, The Observer Effect will be in public view at all times - in the flesh in Shape's newest pop-up space at 40 Grace Church Street, London, as well as live online on this page.

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Instead of resulting in one single sculptural piece, The Observer Effect will culminate in 500 editioned, yet individual objects, each consisting of a beautifully painted pair of shoes contained in an elegant box, numbered, dated and signed by the artist. These editions will go on sale once this living installation has finished and can be reserved beforehand.

Only £100 each!

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50% of the profits will be used by Shape to help further the work of disabled artists.
50% will go to Noëmi Lakmaier to support her ongoing practice.